The Process


You will conduct your research using the Internet.


Learn how to make a prezi. ("Prezi" is the name given to a style of presentation that is web-based and an alternative to Power Point.)

Create your own prezi using the information you've gathered on your note pages. This will take a bit of experimenting, so give yourself plenty of time to get it just the way you want it. Remember that your prezi must have text and video and audio links to convey the information you have gathered. Also, remember your audience. They are eighth graders who will be as interested in this new type of presentation as in the content of the presentation. Use your media well!

Write the narration you will use when you present the prezi. By now, you know that you navigate through the prezi by clicking the mouse. Write the narration to accompany each mouse click.


Practice your presentation!

Present! You can present to your teacher/tutor in-person using your computer. You can record, from your computer, your presentation. This option will probably require you to learn a new web application such as Jing, so budget time if you choose this option. Unfortunately, we do not have a real eighth grade class to present to!


Use the rubric found on the next page to guide as you create your presentation. It lists all the requirements and the standards that will be used to evaluate your project. YOU are in control of the grade you receive.