Alaska Native Cultures Map

The Task

You have the job of introducing the local 8th grade class to the Native cultures of Alaska. You will present a "prezi" to the class. A prezi is a type of presentation created with a web2.0 application that you will learn to use.

The prezi must show relationships between the information presented, hierarchy of importance of information and address the geography, language, culture, history, demographic trends and subsistence habits of the people of each culture. It must use audio and video features as well as text, images and hyperlinks. The presentation to the middle-schoolers will be narrated and should be no longer than 8 minutes and no less than 6.

This task can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Research Alaskan Native cultures using the Internet.
  2. Go to the prezi website and learn how to make a prezi.
  3. Create a prezi.
  4. Write the narration to the prezi.
  5. Present your presentation.

The next page will give you more specific information about how to accomplish each of the steps. Read it before you begin.