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Answer Key


What motivates the farmer to do what he does?

He loves the area he lives in and the people he works with. He also finds it rewarding to have produced fruit at the end of the year.

What differences might there be between farming now and 80 years ago?

Farming has become much more scientific with the use of advanced technology in the growing, harvesting, storing processes. Technology has more than likely made farming not as difficult as it was 80 years ago.

Have your perceptions of primary sector jobs changed? Why or why not?

Student’s own response.



List some businesses or industries the juice factory will likely do business with.

Some businesses the juice factory will likely do business with include apple farmers, grocery stores, restaurants, transport companies, packaging producers, and so on.

Why is the flow method of production appropriate for producing apple juice?

The flow method is appropriate for producing apple juice because it is a continuous process in which the product goes from one stage in production process to the next. It is clear that juice production is capital intensive as seen by all massive machines involved. The use of machinery is a characteristic of flow production.



Describe the service the grocery store owner is providing.

Mr. Consentino is providing the people of Kansas City with a deluxe, accessible grocery store that has a salad bar, deli, eatery, a leisure area with wifi connection as well as a full stock of high quality grocery items at competitive or comparable prices.

In what way might the owner of the grocery store do business with the apple farmer and juice producer?

The owner might source his fresh produce from the farm and carry beverages produced by the juice producer.

Explain why the service sector is important to the economy.

The service sector is important to the economy because this is the sector of the economy that provides the most jobs in economically developed countries. The tertiary sector also insures that products reach consumers to meet their needs.



How does the quaternary sector relate to the other three sectors of economy?

The quaternary sector provides that knowledge, research, and development that is need to perform tasks in the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors.

To what extent is quality control important to the grocery store chain in the video?

Quality control is very important to the grocery store chain. It insures that their products of high quality comparable to national brands or better which will result in brand recognition, increased sales, and loyal customers.