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Student Instruction Sheet 3

Applying effects to text

This is an individual activity.

We will be using our class discussion board for this activity. It can be found at http://www.nicenet.org/.

If you have not added yourself to the class discussion board, go to http://www.nicenet.org/. Then click on 'Join a Class'. You will be asked for a key. Type in SZ7Z0Z4XZ00.

Then you will be prompted to add your username, password and e-mail. Please create your username with your first name and last name initial - for example, John Smith would be johns.

  1. You have been assigned one of the following effects by your instructor:

    • Inner Bevel
    • Inset Emboss
    • Outer Bevel
    • Raised Emboss
    • Blur
    • Gaussian Blur
    • Motion Blur
    • Radial Blur
    • Zoom Blur
    • Noise
    • Drop Shadow
    • Glow
    • Inner Glow
    • Inner Shadow
    • Bevel Emboss
    • Marble
    • Motion Trail

    Use your favorite search engine or the internet to find instructions on how to apply/use the effect. Hint: Search by typing in the name of the effect and then Fireworks MX i.e. Inner Bevel Fireworks MX.

  2. Once you have found your instructions, post it to the class discussion board under Documents. When posting, give your document title your text effect name so others will be able to locate it easily.

  3. After posting your instructions, choose three effects that you would like to try out. Use the name of your effect as your text and apply that effect to it. You can use any font or color you choose. However, try to use a thicker font and keep the font size above 35 so the effect can easily be seen.

    Notate next to each graphic which is the original and which is the effect like this:



  4. Place your three effects (along with the originals) into one image. Post this image to the class discussion board. Put your first name and last initial plus the word ‘samples’ as your document title. For example, johns samples.

  5. Take a look at your classmates’ postings to view other effects. If someone used the same effect as you chose, does it look different or the same? Remember you can use the same effect and have it look very different!


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