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Links used in this curriculum web

All Business - Taking a Tour of the Fireworks MX Interface
Tutorial that takes you through the Fireworks MX interface.

Boston University - Fireworks MX Introduction
Excellent introduction to Fireworks MX. Includes helpful graphics and hands-on exercises.

Training Cafe - Macromedia Fireworks MX Fundamentals
Useful information on Fireworks MX in a question and answer format.

University of Florida - Fireworks: Tools
One page devoted to the Firework toobox.

Classroom Clipart
Searchable database of free clipart, illustrations and photography.

Pics for Learning
Copyright free educational images for students and teachers.

Free photographs for non-commerical private use.

Tutorials – free!
Fireworks design tips and tutorials including how to create a feathering effect and how to create image rollovers.
Great Fireworks tutorials including Fireworks effects and tips and tricks. Some of the tutorials include swapping images, animated gifs, text effects, changing an images color, and borders and frames.

Online Fireworks training – for a fee
Provides Fireworks and other software training via video for a fee. Excellent for learning a new software program or reviewing your old skills.