Edtech 572

Moodle Feedback Form

Instructions: Please answer the following questions to provide feedback to assist me in making improvements to the instruction. When you are done click the "Click Here to Email Your Feedback" button at the bottom of the survey.

If you are unable to email from your current computer, please answer the following question in an email and send me the results at your convenience. Contact address is alfredm@csdk12.org.

1. How would you rate the technical knowledge required to complete this lesson?

4: High technical knowledge required.
3: Above average technical knowledge required.
2: Average technical knowledge required.
1: Minimal technical knowledge required.

2. What areas made you feel lost or did not understand concepts/processes?

3. Was the instruction easy to follow and clear?

4: The instruction was too easy and I was often bored.
3: The instruction was easy to follow and I hardly ever got lost.
2: The instruction was okay to follow and I only got lost on occasion.
1: The instruction was hard to follow and too fast.

4. Was the instruction in a logical order?

4: The instruction was in a logical order and it was easy to follow along.
3: The instruction was in a decent logical order and was fairly easy to follow along.
2: The instruction was not in a good logical order and somewhat confusing to follow.
1: The instruction was not in a logical order and I did not feel it built on itself.

5. Did you feel any part of the instruction was unclear or under developed?

6. Do you feel that this was a good use of time and would benifit you in the future?

7. Were the visual aides helpful in this lesson?

4: The visual aides were very clear and helpful.
3: The visual aides were fairly clear and helpful.
2: The visual aides were marginally clear and helpful.
1: The visual aides were difficult to see and not very helpful.

8. Was the instructional packet helpful in this instruction?

4: The instructional packet was very clear and well developed.
3: The instructional packet was fairly clear and fairly well developed.
2: The instructional packet was marginally clear and not well developed.
1: The instructional packet was not clear or well developed.

9 Do you have any additional comments or feedback?



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