Edtech 577

Unit #3

The chapter 3 Challenge Activity asks you to create a performance support tool to help you manage the cogntive load of the chapter. You can do a drawing, table or diagram, but you must include shape as a visual element.

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This was a great exercise in helping me to remember these theories. As I considered how to reduce the intrinsic load of these theories into appropriate chunks, I was able to gain a better understanding of these theories. My intent was to reduce the extraneous load and focus on the germane load. I looked at each theory and focused on the main content of each. This allowed me to reduce the amount of information I was going to present visually, creating what I thought were viable chunks of information. 
My target audience would have to be students in this class or professionals in this field. The visuals do require some background knowledge to make complete sense. This was something that I could not overcome without increasing the chunks of information which would have hindered my original intent.
I believe that these visuals work for three main reasons. The first is that they all have been reduced to what I believe are the main points of each theory. On page fifty-one it states that chunking is a strategy used to create an optimal load of information being presented. Since the goal was to reduce the intrinsic load of these theories into visuals to help retain this knowledge in the students working memory, I felt that these visuals present the information in viable chunks. Also in presenting information I tried to communicate it in a way that was meaningful to them, by using shapes and symbols that are familiar to most individuals and moved from left to right in all diagrams (pg 57). My hope was to reduce confusion and make the information easier to process for the learner. The third reason that I feel these visuals work is because of the results of my user test. After showing these visuals to several people they all could grasp the main concept of what the visuals were depicting. They were not familiar with the theories, yet they were able to state the main concepts of each theory. However, they did not gain as much insight as those who have a pre-existing knowledge of this content. As a result of my user tests, I altered flow arrows in Episodic Buffer Theory, symbols in Pavio’s Dual Coding Theory, and shapes in Mayer’s Cognitive Theory to better communicate my messages.

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