Edtech 577

Unit #5

Web Activity: Redesign a quit smoking poster.

Line Break

no Smoke


The first thing that I wanted to accomplish with this image was to make it more concise, “reducing the visual image to its most basic level” (p.102). Then I wanted to emphasize key elements in the message by improving the figure-ground perception, which forces the user to focus their attention on the three messages. This was accomplished fading out the background and images and highlighting both the message and the key components of that message.
Also by using shape, color, and white space the user’s eyes are directed to what is important in the image (p.111). This not only helps them focus but breaks things down into easily digestible chunks of information with a minimum amount of noise and reduces the cognitive load. Users can get the message quickly and understand the three main facts.
The dominate feature in this image is figure which contains the message, and the ground is used to help focus the user by providing contrast.  This allows the user to ascertain the message quickly and effectively.


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