Edtech 583

Me and my son StephenIntegrating Multimedia

Currently I teach in Clarkston Washington at Lincoln Middle School and coach soccer at Clarkston High School. I also enjoy fishing and my new sport golf, which needs some serious practice. The photo is of me and my son Stephen last summer at a castle in england.

This intensive course provides the student with multimedia computer skills that can be applied in either face to face or virtual classrooms. Research-based principles of multimedia learning are explored and incorporated in various multimedia projects developed during the course.

Description of course taken from the Boise State Edtech web page at http://edtech.boisestate.edu/web/courses.htm

Image Integration Project
Audio Recording/Editing Project
Embedded QuikTime Project
Frame by Frame Anim. Project
Media Skin Project
Slideshow Project
Worked Example Project
Digital Storytelling Project
Chapter Track Project
Collaborative Learning Project
Video Podcast Project
Text Captioning Project