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"Funny Video About Mr. Alfred"

This is a fake interview used to break the ice during the first day of class. It is meant to be humorous. In my experience I have found that humor helps to establish a rapport with students. The video is also an example of the types of videos students will be making in the class. This will help to create interest in the upcoming class projects.

To View Video:

To Subscribe to Video Podcast:

1. Go to the blog web site at http://liveandlearn07.blogspot.com/ and look for the RSS feed subscription icon that looks like this RSS Feed Icon

Subscribe step one


2. Once you have clicked on the RSS Feed Icon, you will see the page to the left. Select "Subscribe Now".








Add to Bookmarks


3. Add the link to your bookmarks, and you will be subscribed to this video podcast.



Production Notes

Video Creation

This video was created using a program called Visual Communicator. Within this program there are several generic template videos that you simply record your segments of the video and place them in the correct locations. To create these I used a Logitec webcam and recorded the video segments directly into the program. Once the video was complete, I used Visual Communicator to create a MOV file. The MOV file was then opened in QuickTime and compressed.

Posting to Blog

Once the video was completed and compressed, I uploaded it to my blog using the following steps.

Post to Blog Step One

1. I added the Title in Title block.


2. I typed in the content to go with the video.


3. I clicked on the insert video icon in the menu bar.




Post to Blog Step Two



4. After clicking on the "Insert Video Icon" in the menu bar, you locate the video on your computer to upload, add a video title, and upload your video.







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