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Hi. I am a graduate student at Boise State University. This page is a collection of my learnings at Boise State University, and links to my other websites and trainings.

I have worked in schools in Australia, South Korea, and the United States. I started my career in education as an Art, Media Studies, Information Technology, and Photography teacher. I am a Google Certified Educator, and have worked around and administered Apple products for more than a decade. Most recently, my work has been in Technology Integration.

As part of the Ed Tech team at Korea International School, I built a 1:1 iPad program, and a professional development model called 'the Fish Bowl".


Current Position

I am currently a Tech Integrator at Waupaca Middle School in Waupaca, Wisconsin. I coach teachers and students in the use of technology, and help to innovate learning opportunities.

In Waupaca, we recently launched a 1:1 Chromebook program. As part of this, I am looking to find ways to incorporate Digital Citizenship into staff and student lives. My new blog helps in communicating this process, at Waupaca Way Tech Tips.



Art Schultz presenting in Hong Kong

Trainings and Conferences

As a tech coach, I am often in front of an audience at conferences or in my school.  Sometimes, I am at conferences overseas as well.

Design Thinking at 21CL Hong Kong I don't just coach about technology, but also about the concepts of design. Design Thinking is a process of generating solutions to problems, and evaluating success.

YouTube for Educators at Waupaca Middle School. A training on getting started with YouTube, I presented at a District-Wide professional development session.

Older sessions


Long exposure steelwool with Connor

Tech Tinkering

As a teacher, I have always been a 'tinkerer'. I look for new solutions, and try to use and reuse resources in my classroom. I have a passion for Photography and Media Creation, MakerSpaces, and STEAM education.

One of my favorite tinkering activities is Photography. I love the medium, and love teaching it.  As Digital Photography has taken over the medium from traditional darkroom, the art form has become more complex and changes from day to day.  I have a magazine on Flipboard that I add interesting articles about Photography.


Macbook with Headphones

Recent Projects

As part of my learning at Boise State University, I have been creating websites for learning.

Facial Expressions Task This task was developed for students at my school as part of an art class, for students identified with special needs.

Communication Jigsaw Task This task was developed to have students improve communication skills in the classroom, using the Jigsaw Collaborative Learning technique.

Virtual Field Trip through Google Search Searching the internet does not have to be hard... You just need the tools to be more specific. Travel on a tour of Google Search.