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Learner Description: This activity is appropriate for Middle and High School students and Adult learners. This has been done in the context of a graduate course at Boise State University.


Communication is vital to making a classroom, team, or a workplace, a productive environment. When collaboration is important, communication is important to make all team members moving in the right direction. It keeps people happy, when done well. When done poorly, it causes stress and confusion.

There are many forms of communication, and today, we are going to improve the communication of our classroom and school.


This activity is based upon the The Jigsaw Classroom cooperative learning technique. Groups will research and present information back to the main group.

In your group, you will be given a Google Slide presentation to format your tips to improve communication. Groups will be chosen by your instructor. After your group has been assigned:

Summary of the activity:

  1. Give 3 tips for best practices in your form of communication.
  2. Describe at least two ways that problems can arise with this form of communication.
  3. When is your form of communication most appropriate?
Jigsaw Groups
Group Number Type of Communication Resources

Group 1


Mindful Communication Practices fact sheet

Group 2

Face to Face


Leading in Person 6 Reasons to Communicate Face to Face

Group 3

Visual / Photographic

The Power of Visual Communication

Visual StoryTelling Guide

10 Tips for Designing Effective Visual Content Infographic

Group 4

Text Messaging

We Never Talk Anymore

Group 5

Social Media

Social Media for Teenagers

5 social media musts for teens


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