Welcome to Galápagos Virtual Tour

This is an online field trip designed to introduce the learner to the galapagos Islands of Santa Cruz, Santiago, Isabela, and Espanola. The Google map to the left links to each of the Island locations. Take notes as you go along, a report activity has been included to take advantage of the information, maps, images, and video clips embedded on this page. At the end of the Virtual Tour please click on the activity link and send to the instructor.
The top links will take the learner in the sequence of the tour according to the Google map placemarks, have fun and enjoy it.


Click the image above to watch a YouTube video of Ecuador's life and the Galapagos. Open in a new window.

Learner Description
This on-line virtual field trip activity was created with the intent to educate the learners, of a High School and adults as well, about some interesting facts about the Galapagos Islands.


Note: when clicking on a link, a new page will open. Please close or minimized page to return to the virtual activity tour page.