What is A Blog?

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Weblogs or blogs are entries that provide feedback on specific topics; they can also serve as an online journal. Entries are usually submitted on a regular basis.

Blog Types:

Artlog (Art): http://artlogs.org/

Photoblog (Photo): http://www.photoblogs.org/

Vlog (Video): http://www.vlogblog.com/

MP3log (Music): http://ymusicblog.com/

Podcasting (Audio): http://www.podcasting-tools.com/

Sketchblog (Sketch): http://sketchupdate.blogspot.com/

Blogs in Education

Blogging can be useful for teachers and students alike. Students can express their thoughts in writing and can learn by reading other blog posts. When students are actively engaged in reading and writing, they move from lower level cognitive development (Bloom's Taxonomy) to higher level development (analyzing, evaluating, and creating). Writing reinforces thinking. Blogs are great for engaging students; Blogs provide an outlet for learners to reflect, and collaborate with others.

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rss feeds

RSS Feeds allow teachers and students stay on top of the latest news. Take a look at the YouTube video above.

The Technology of Reading and Writing in the Digital Space: Why RSS is crucial for a Blogging Classroom article by David Parry explains why RSS is important.


Relative advantage

Blogging engages students, and is great for collaboration, expression, and interaction.

Blogging Sites

Technorati: http://technorati.com/

Edublog: http://edublogs.org/

Edublogtv: http://www.edublogs.tv/index.php

The Dos and Don'ts of Blogging

BlogPolicy: http://elemblogpolicy.pbwiki.com/

Blogs in Education

BlogsforLearning: http://blogsforlearning.msu.edu/

50 Blogging Tools for Teachers: http://www.teachingtips.com/blog

Blogging, Creativity and Formal Writing: http://web20teach.blogspot.com/

Terms: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/


Twitter-Wiki&Blogs: http://justtweetit.com/wikis-and-blogs/