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This virtual field trip is designed to take you throughout the stages of musical history. Use the tabs above to navigate through each time period. Each page includes images, text, links, audio clips, and video clips that will provide you more information on the music, composers, and instruments of each time period.

Read through each page as you go, and answer the questions on each page of the trip. You can either write down your answers or use the worksheet provided below as a guide. Use the links provided with each question to help you answer it. When you are finished, go to Mr. Querry's blog page and answer the open-ended response related to this activity.

Many of these time periods will present you with new information, while many of the instruments will be familiar. You may also find that some web sites give slightly differnet names to some of the time periods. When you're ready to begin, click the link for the time period you wish to visit. You may want to consider visiting them in date order, but you can go any time period at any time.

Virtual Tour Worksheet (.pdf format - Requires Adobe Reader)


Photo Credit: museotech.com

Learner Description

This virtual field trip was designed for Mr. Querry's sixth grade music classes, as part of study about the history of the orchestra and musical instrument families. It is also suitable for any upper elementary or middle school music class lesson related to music history or music time periods.


Perfect Pitch

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge 'Perfect Pitch'


Music History 101


WW Norton's
'Essentials of Music'

Many of the time periods have audio examples for you to hear. These files are embedded in Quicktime format.

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