Spreadsheet Activity

The first part of this assignment, I was asked to review several websites that encourage the use of spreadsheets in the classroom. I thought the following four sites were particulary interesting for use in my class.

  • Math Forums Data Sets - I found this quick site to be of interest. While it is not a lesson in itself, it would be a quick way for students to find data to analyze. It has a list of 24 Excel spreadsheets that can be downloaded for student use. I noticed that most of the data seems relevent to student interests as well.
  • 10 Google Forms for the Classroom - The author that developed this site, provides 10 great ideas of how to use Google Forms in the classroom. Google Forms is a great way to collect a lot of data at once with a classroom. The form that I thought would be beneficial for a mathematics class was number six: Maths Data Handling. It asks several questions for the students to complete that provide quantitative data that could be imported into a spreadsheet.
  • Using Graphs to Investigate Candy Distribution - This website, provided by Microsoft Education, would be a great lesson. The site provides activity sheets, lesson extentions, and suggested assessments.
  • Exploring Mean, Median, and Mode with a Spreadsheet - This activity guides students through the process of finding the measures of central tendency with a spreadsheet program. It gives a situation that the students can understand and relate to real life.

After reviewing several examples of using spreadsheets in the classroom, I thought that one of the most applicable uses of spreadsheets for my curriculum would be creating graphs and analyzing data. While I have done similar projects in the past, I have never focused the lessons around spreadsheets and technology.