Chapter 3: Netiquette

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What is Netiquette? No, that isn't a typo. Netiquete is etiquette for the Internet. Netiquette stands for "Network Etiquette." It is a generally acceptable way to present yourself and your website on the internet. Much like there are rules in reality of what is acceptable and not acceptable there are rules in cyberspace. You don't have to follow the rules, but if you want to make the best presentable website, you might want to consider them. Your website is looked at as insight to you or your business. Everything matters.

Who decides what is proper or not? There is no one person who sat down to tell us what we should and shouldn't do. It's wide feeling. Generally you and I can agree on these along with Suzie who lives next door. For example, when you read the following text: I like apples. You see it as a normal statement. But when most people see the following: I LIKE APPLES!!!!!!! on a website, most people can regard the text as yelling. When the content of the sentance is changed, it could be considered rude. No one person said large, capital text is considered yelling and rude. It is a general public feeling.

Lesson Plan
The lesson plan includes learning basic etiquette rules when it comes to website design. Many of these rules carry over to ordinary conversations online as well. To help you get a broader view of netiquette, there are several websites in the resources you may want to explore.

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