Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

Copyright Hunt Answers:

  1. What are 3 types of works protected by copyright?
    • Literary works
    • Music and lyrics
    • Dramatic works and music
    • Pantomimes and choreographic works
    • Photographs, graphics, paintings and sculptural works
    • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
    • Video games and computer software
    • Audio recordings
    • Architectural works
  2. Can you copyright an idea? Why or why not? No you cannot copyright an idea. Only tangible forms of expression are copyrightable.
  3. What are the 4 factors of fair use?
    • The purpose and character of the second use
    • The nature of the original
    • Amount used
    • Effect
  4. What is an example of licensing? Examples should relate to a copyright holder giving permission for their work to be used with or without compensation. Examples might include a creator of a song licensing to an advertising agency or a musician giving permission for their works to be shared.
  5. Do you have to register with the U.S. Copyright office to get copyright status? No

Plagiarism Hunt Answers:

  1. Do you have to cite a source for all facts? No, If the fact is considered common knowledge a citation is not needed.
  2. Do you have to cite a source if you change some of the words? Yes, you must cite a source whenever you borrow ideas as well as words.
  3. What is an academic or legal punishment someone can face for plagiarism? punishments could be failure of an assignment, failure of a course, expulsion, fines, and jail time.
  4. If I only copy a little without citing is it still plagiarism? Yes.
  5. What should you do if you are not sure if something is common knowledge? Cite your source just to be safe.