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Teacher Page


The purpose of this project is to teach kids how to eat healthy and to teach them what foods are healthy.


It is important to understand the Food Pyramid and eating healthy because the obesity rate is so high. Obesity can lead to many diseases and death. We need to make sure we are teaching our students how to take care of themselves and how to live long healthy lives.

Learner Description

This WebQuest is intended for elementary age students who can have a say in what they choose to eat.


Learners need to know how to access the Internet and read and write.

Instructional Objectives

Through their completion of this lesson, students will:

Standards Addressed

PL-P-PW-U-1 Students will understand that individuals have a responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

PL-P-N-S-5 Students will identify the food groups and the recommended number of daily servings to be eaten from each group PL-P-N-S-6

PL-P-N-S-6 Students will apply the decision-making process in making healthful food choices

Subject Matter Description

The 5 areas you will work through in this WebQuest are:


Students will be graded on the rubric scale, with a 3 being the highest and a 1 being the lowest.