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Syllabus and Overview

Description and Overview

Welcome to Just a Bit: Writing in Small Chunks! This course is designed to teach young writers how to compose strong essays for school, life, and state assessments. Instruction is provided in small carefully guided chunks, to ensure success and reduce frustration.

The learning management system, Edmodo, and the necessary passwords can be found here.

Course Location

This course is a hybrid course providing instruction in the classroom as well as extension in the online world. This course on expository writing will focus on essays which explain opinions and information.

Course Title and Access

Course Title: Just a Bit: Writing in Small Chunks

Access: To access this course, students will be provided with a password by the instructor via e-mail. In the e-mail, students will receive a password to use to log into this class on their Edmodo account. From Edmodo students will be able to link to learning activities, discussion forums, and assignment submission locations.

Exploring Writing in Small Chunks

The menu bar on the left-hand side of this page contains a syllabus, the instructional modules, and a link to Edmodo.

There are several lessons within each module. On Edmodo, students will be given instructions on which lessons to complete, which assignments to submit, and how to participate in discussions for the week.

On Edmodo, students will also find links to all the learning resources available on this page, links to other helpful webpages, a location to contact the teacher, a calendar of assignments, and their own personal grades.

Course goals

Course Objectives

A comprehensive list of course objectives are provided here: Link to Course Objectives.

Course Assessment

Students will be graded in a variety of manners. They will be graded on each assignment required for submission, including but not limited to: word bank, outline, rough draft, revision, editing, and final copy.

They will also be graded on their participation in collaborative activities, forum postings, self-reflection and peer review activities.

Course Text

This course does not require a textbook. All needed materials can be downloaded and stored on a student computer, or printed.

Software/Hardware Requirements

Although no textbook is required, the following software and hardware are required:

Schedule and Assignments

A list of the tentative assignments and their schedule can be found here: Link to Assignment Schedule.

Technical Difficulties

Because you can access Edmodo and all course materials without accessing the district website, there should be few technical difficulties when you are working at home. When you are at school, please ask for help in the computer lab if you have difficulty accessing the course from the campus.

However, whenever computers are involved, there is always the potential for Internet or computer problems that would prevent you from accessing this course online. Please have your parent contact me as soon as possible, by phone, if you run into a problem. I will provide appropriate off-line assignments if technical difficulties cannot be resolved.