Civil Rights Basics

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr.
Primary leader of the civil rights movement in America. Click on the picture above to see pictures and read quotes from him.

"We Shall Overcome"
This song became the anthem of the civil rights movement. Click play to hear a brief excerpt of this song.

You will need QuickTime to play the song above, and the video below.
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Let's walk through the streeets with civil rights activists on our field trip. Click on the video summary above of the Civil Rights Movement, set to another civil rights song:
Eyes on the Prize.

About the Fieldtrip

Our virtual field trip is an online tour to a few of the important places of the American Civil
Rights Movement. On our trip, you will see places where transformative events took place,
where people suffered and sometimes died for freedom, and where great courage and restraint were displayed. You will see images of famous sites, videos of people and events, and
background information at "historic markers" along the way. Your task will be to imagine yourself as an activist of that era, and compose journal entries. Describe vividly your experiences and feelings as though you have just participated in the events that occurred at each location on our tour. The same three questions will be displayed on the sidebar of each page to guide your journal writing. Please make sure you date each journal entry with the correct year of the event.

Interactive Map

The navigation links at the top of the page will guide you through just a small but important sampling of Civil Rights sites and events. Please proceed through them in order, as they are arranged chronologically. On the map below, each icon represents one of the places you will be visiting. Click on each icon to get a quick overview of your tour. You can also grab the map and drag it. Each location has a different icon. Make sure you sketch the correct icon for each
location in your journal entries. Next, visit the links at the top of the page to view images,
text, and video clips. In the side bar, you will find questions to guide your writing. Please
address each question when you make your journal entries.

View Tour of a few Significant Sites from the American Civil Rights Movement in a larger map

Learner Description: This page was designed for middle school and
high school students as a supplement to their studies on the civil rights movement.