Social Media and Community Building

This is a professional development presentation intended for use at a High School Faculty Meeting.

Faculty Meeting Activity

For our Faculty Meeting this week (Tuesday) we are going to begin a silent online discussion about perception. The goals of this activity include:

  1. engaging in discussion using social media
  2. building community using social media
  3. exploring the different perceptions that people have


In preparation for this activity, please complete the following:

  1. Create a Flikr account using the invite that I have sent to your school email address and join the group "Faculty Meeting - Perceptions". The group is set as PUBLIC so if you have a Flikr account you should be able to join using this link:

  2. flikr

  3. Create a Twitter account and follow the account @perceptionsfm

  4. twitter

  5. Read this article from the Scientific American

Faculty Meeting - Materials Required

Please bring your laptop, cellphone, or tablet, to the session as we will be engaging in a "silent response" activity. We will be viewing the photos together using the projector/smart board. Staff will follow along on their devices and will comment on the photos using the comments feature in flikr. Once we have completed viewing the 10 photos in this group, staff will then tweet out their 2 favourite photos, along with a statement about these photos, and then end their tweet using the hashtag #perceptionsfm which will allow us all to view to view each other's tweets easily. Note: You will need to authorize Flikr to use your Twitter account. As well, please tweet 5 thoughts about the concept "perception vs. reality" - please make certain to use the hashtag #perceptionsfm at the end of each Tweet.

Reflection Activity

After spending some time reflecting on the activity as a while, the article from Scientific American, the Flikr group, and the comments posted through the Twitter hashtag #perceptionsfm please access the following Voice Thread, listen to the commentary, and add your thoughts. Please focus your commentary on the following:

  1. Your thoughts about perception vs. reality.
  2. Your thoughts about reading into the photos.
  3. Your thoughts on the twitter discussion.
  4. Your thoughts on the activity as a whole.

This commentary recording must be completed no later than Sunday at noon. in preparation for next week's Faculty Meeting please review the audio commentaries before our Tuesday meeting.