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Getting Close: Macro Photography

Learner Description:

The Jigsaw Style Exercise is for amateur photographers enrolled in a Nature Photography class through the Town of Bethel Department of Parks & Recreation.


Students will begin in a home group. There will be three people in each home group. Count off from one to three. All ones will form Expert Group 1, twos will form Expert Group 2, and threes will form Expert Group 3. Divide into your expert groups to learn the slice of material assigned to that expert group. Collaborate with your fellow experts in your group until you feel comfortable, as a group, with the material you will pass on to your home groups. When you are all ready, everyone returns to the home group. First the person who was in expert group 1 will teach their task to the home group. Next, the person who was in Expert Group 2 will teach the home group their task. Finally, the person from Expert Group 3 will teach his or her portion of the material to their home group.


Expert Groups and Internet Resources for Jigsaw Activity

Glass Wings butterfly


Expert Group #1

  1. Lighting Resource 1: Earthbound Light
  2. Lighting Resource 2: Mobile Studio Design
  3. Lighting Resource 3:E-zine Article/ Flash for Macro
Spring Peeper


Expert Group #2

  1. Equipment Resource 1: Entophiles Resource
  2. Equipment Resource 2: Microscopy & Photography
  3. Equipment Resource 3: Epic Edits Weblog
yucca plant

Depth of Field

Expert Group #3

  1. Depth of Field Resource 1: Fototech
  2. Depth of Field Resource 2: DP Photo Journal
  3. Depth of Field Resource 3: Photo Tidbits
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