Welcome to Paul Desmarais' EdTech 503 Portfolio

  This site is dedicated to learning and understanding of the instructional design process as it relates to educational technology. As the pressure to improve outcomes increases, the need for well designed, research founded instruction increases as well. Instructional design, as a sub-field of education technology is critical to meeting the need for cost effective, outcome based, student centered instruction.

In this course, I hope to learn the fundamentals of instructional design, as well as learn not only how and why instruction is built as it is , but how it might be improved.

About Paul Desmarais

This is my third class and second semester in the masters of educational technology program at Boise State. Last semester, I learned the basic of the discipline and how to apply them to real world educational situations.

I am married, with three daughters. I live in Bethel, CT about an hour or so north east of New York City. I am a newspaper photographer with The Advocate in Stamford, CT and have been with the company for two decades. It is my intention to combine what I learn here, in the M.ET. program with my photography experience, to teach photography and multimedia atthe college level. Below are some links to web sites that tell a little more about who I am what my interests are.