Welcome to the Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology

Educational Technology 504, Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology is an examination of classic and contemporary theories of learning and their applications in educational technology and other, emergent applications.

This site serves as a portfolio of my learning in the area of learning theory and emergent pedagogies that are explicitly or implicitly related to the field of educational technology and or instructional design.

This web site also serves as a means of demonstrating skils in web resource location, web design, and an understanding of the core competencies involved in working as an educational technologist in the twenty first century.

On this site I have posted the scholarship, commentary, and other work produced for the class, as well as resources for anyone interested in exploring the theoretical basis for the study of technology in education.

About Paul Desmarais

I am entering my fourth semester in the EdTech program at Boise State. I am finishing my core requirements during this term, and look forward to choosing electives to round out my learning experience. As someone who does not have a background an educator the classes that teach theory and foundational aspects of the field are of particular importance to me.

I am married with three digitally native daughters. I live in Bethel, CT not far from New York City and Stamford, CT. I have worked for The Advocate, a daily newspaper, for the last 22 years, photographing the news, sporting event, community happenings, politics, and a variety of other subject matters. I find myself increasingly drawn to the field of instructional design, and may explore a career in that area when I finish the program.

I have high expectations for this course. To date, the EdTech program has been everything I hoped for and more.

Course Work

Final Paper

A detailed discussion of the intersection of design and theory in the field of educational technology.

Annotated Bibliography

A detailed list of research materials for the research paper listed above.

A Personal Learning Journal

A reflective journal on the process of exploring the theory that supports educational technology as an academic discipline and field of study.

Lesson Plan

A detailed list of research materials for the research paper listed above.

Top Ten

Paul Desmarais ten favorite discussion posts of the semester.

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