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Welcome From Paul Desmarais

  This site is dedicated to learning and understanding of the evaluation process as it relates to education technology. As the demands on educators expand and the need to incorporate technology as a means of better presenting more information to students grows, the field of education technology becomes critical to the modern teaching infrastructure. This is true whether discussing the K-12 or higher education arenas.

For better or worse, performance on standardized tests has become the measure of success for new programs. To defend the use of current methods, to introduce new technologies into the mainsteam of today's educational environment, or to propose entirely new methods of teaching and learning, the evaluative porcess is fundamental to change. Understanding that process is, therefor, critical to our success in introducing new technologies and new methods; or of defending successful curricula currenlty in use.

If knowledge is the key to competing in the global markets, then education technology is the key to getting knowledge into the hands of learners effectively. Evaluating those technologies and correctly identifying how best to emply them will have a significant impact on how well those technologies are employed and, how students using them will learn.