Instructional Message Design (EdTech 506) is a core course for the Masters of Educational Technology (M.ET.) degree at Boise State University.This site serves as a portfolio of the work produced during this course and represents a summary of the learning I have achieved during the course of the Spring 2009 semester. By incorporating the principles of Instructional Message Design in the learning materials we produce, Educational Technologists improve the efficacy of the instructional we create and help students achieve better outcomes.

Learning Statement

The ability to apply the principles of behavioral and cognitive psychology to create instructional media is at the core of Instructional Message Design. Creating materials that follow the principles of Instructional Message Design in the creation of educational materials is the end goal.

    Achieving this goal is dependent on:
  • Learning how to design instructional messages based on the appropriate psychological theories.
  • Applying visual literacy to the design of instruction, choosing the proper combinations of text. images, and audio elements.
  • Developing instructional content that integrates instructional messages to achieve learning goals.
  • Using Powerpoint or other creation software to enhance instructional messages.

About Paul Desmarais

I am currently in my fourth semester of my Masters of Educational Technology degree. I am finally beginning to feel like I have a working knowledge of the principles of Educational Technology and how they might be effectively put to use in a real world learning environment.

I am married, with three daughters, and live in the small town (about 14,000 people) of Bethel Connecticut, which is about one hour north east of New York City. I work as a newspaper photographer for The Advocate of Stamford Connecticut. I have worked for the company for over twenty years, and as a photojournalist for the majority of my adult life.

It is my hope to use what I have learned as a professional communicator in combination with what I am learning in EdTech program at Boise State, to forge a new direction for my professional life. Since I began this program it seems I learn something new and exciting almost daily, a trend I hope continues through this and the remaining semesters of coursework.