Unit 4 Assignment

This assignment is an exercise in using figure/ ground principles. The anti-smoking message was presented in a poster that students were required to redesign to better emphasize figure/ground.

First Draft

I chose the combination of white and orange text against black to take advantage of contrast, and felt hte black/ gray of the ground is a reminder to viewers of the likely result of smoking subliminally. Orange is thought of as an advancing color, connoting passion and emotion, so it seemed appropriate for such an urgent, health-related use. I avoided using complex graphics to keep the viewer/ reader focused on the message.

Final Rendering

In the final draft, I moved the word "fact" from the end of the sentecnes to the beginning to provide better impact, and a better sense of repetition. I also increaded the saturation of the orange text to better contrast with the black back ground and white core text.