Unit 5 Assignment

This assignment instructed students to create a graphic or job aid that illustrated the principal of hierarchy in a visual manner. The expectation was students would build upon past lessons and employ the values of C.A.R.P., figure/ground, and the A.C.E. model in the process of creating the example. The aid I produced is for a high school journalism class learning about the news business.

First Draft

I designed an informational graphic on how images move through the workflow of a daily newspaper. I used principals of figure/ground to separate the text and images from the background, as well as contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. Size and position on the page denote importance and also the time line of the process. Top to bottom represents a forward time progression. The bigger the object, the more important. Arrows also provide the viewer with directional information.

Final Rendering

In the final draft, I made many dramatic revisions. I changed the headline text to reflect a more factual approach to the data included in the project. I added explanatory text to each graphic. I added hierarchical text under the headline, with the size decreasing as the importance of the information decreased. I made all the arrows uniform in size and shape, and made the background slightly darker to improve the figure/ground relationship.