Visual Composition

IFor this assignment, I elected to illustrate ten tips for composing graphic elements, in this case photographs. Based on the Chapter 7 Integration Principle, Gestalt I employed similarity, proximity, contiguity, and experience.

Similarity in using similar shapes for the elements, the same type face for all of the text, and the same construct, title, image, caption as a format for each element. I used proximity in placing the elements of each tip close to one another so it would clear that these three elements of the tip belonged together, and not to another tip.

My experience is employed mostly in the selection of the images or situations that are common experiences for many people. I avoided using photographs of arcane or unusual circumatances so the pictures would depict events and activities most people could relate to.

Contiguity is employed in using a numbered sequence, 1 through 10, so the audience will move from one to the next by the numbers, giving the mind a path to follow from beginning to end.

My Project