The Teachers' (Multimedia) Toolbox (Delivery: Summer 2010)

The Teacher's Multimedia toolbox is a one credit course designed for the professional development of in service K-12 educators. The course will be offered through the Extended Studies Department of Boise State University and taught by instructional designer Paul Desmarais.

The purpose of the course is to introduce in service teachers to a series of tools and techniques that will facilitate the integration of multimedia and media rich content into learning in their classroom and beyond. The applications to be explored will provide the educators with an introduction to sound editing, and image processing applications, as well as a multimedia creation tool.

The goals of the course, in a broader sense, are to imbue K-12 educators with greater confidence in their knowledge of technology, create a community of practice centered around the use of multimedia among professional educators, and ultimately, improve the performance of students in the K-12 system.

The software titles to be introduced are are Audacity, an open source audio recording and editing application that is available in Macintosh, Windows, and Linux operating system platforms. We will also explore Picasa, a hybrid application offered by Google that allows for the upload, storage, dispersal, and editing of photographs and other digital images, including video. Finally, we will explore VoiceThread. Voicethread is a Web 2.0 collaborative slide show application that allows viewers to leave comments and notations on multimedia content uploaded to the site. This software is available in both free (with limitations on functionality) and pay versions.

This course will be delivered entirely online. Students will access the class through the university's Blackboard learning management system.