Initial Course Proposal: Revised

What is the tentative title/topic of the course?

Multimedia Tool Box for the K-12 Instructor

Who are your learners? What age, context/grade, how many students?

My learners are adult professional educators, ages approximately 21-65. The number of students per workshop is not currently known.

What is the main purpose of the course?

The main purpose of the course is to introduce multimedia software & techniques, refine skills, and help integrate multimedia tools into instruction in the K-12 environment.

Will the course be self-paced or facilitated? Fully online or blended? Why?

This will be a fully online, facilitated course. The course will be offered under the auspices of the Extended Studies program at Boise State University. While many if not most of the students will be experienced learners, their level of preparedness for online coursework is difficult to predict. Instructor facilitation ma be necessary to scaffold learner skills or provide just in time support for software/ LMS issues.

What is the anticipated timeline for implementation?

Implementation is expected in time for the summer semester of 2010.

How many total hours of learning time are required in your course?

This will be a 15 hour block of instruction, divided into 5 course modules, each requiring 3 hours of work.

Are there content standards and/or course objectives that must be aligned to the course outcomes? List them if you know what they are.

This course will be aligned to the ISTE NETs Standards for Teachers.

Adult learners: Does the course need professional development, undergraduate, or graduate credit tied to it? Do you have this available, if needed?

This course will be offered as either a one credit professional development seminar or as a non-credit continuing education class. These credits are available to teachers as part of the Extended Studies curriculum.

In what platform will you host the course (mandated or your choice as designer)?

The course will be offered using the Boise State University Blackboard site. This choice is mandated by the institution.

Is this a redesign of a face-to-face or online course, or a totally new course.

This is an entirely new course.

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