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Multimedia & Contiguity Principles

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Principles of Multimedia

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Welcome to EdTech 513: Multimedia

The spoken word. Writing. Powerpoint. Newpapers. Novels. Paintings.Video. Slideshows. Wikis. Blogs. They are all forms of media and multimedia, and in all the important ways, they are no different than the petroglyphs left by the Puebloan, Freemont, and Anasazi cultures long extinct. Using stone hammers and chisels, ancient peoples pecked out images of importance into the rock faces of the desert; just as today, we right-click our way through drop down menus and publish personal blogs and wikis. Communication is both the purpose and the result.The ability to transfer information, emotion, feelings, or opinion. The rich tapestry of life two thousand years ago is etched into the rocks of the American Southwest. Will our history be as enduring? And as misunderstood? Will we leave a more articulate record? Or are we one historical click from oblivion?

Harnessing Technology

In this class, we are choosing to explore the possibilities inherent in forms of new media. The blog, the slideshow, the Powerpoint presentation. In the service of learning. Ours and others. I hope to learn how to best employ these new forms of communication to reach more students more effectively. I want to know how to teach people to do more things more efficiently. I would like to see technology finally live up to its hype and change not only how people learn, but how well.

About Me

A newspaper photographer for the bulk of my adult life, I am married, with digitally native daughters who are far more comfortable working with their keyboard than with pen and paper. I have undertaken this educational journey as both a matter of vocation and and spiritual renewal. Vocational in that I hope to translate my experience as a journalist, coupled with me newly knowledge of Education Technology into a new career teaching new media at the collegiate level. Spiritual, in that I hope to revive both my own belief in the value of honest mass communication and pass on that belief to others.