Paul Desmarais EdTech 522: Online Teaching for Adult Learners

Welcome to EdTech 504

This web site is a portfolio of the work I've done as a student in EdTech 522, Online Teaching for Adult Learners. We are exploring the concept of backwards design, tools of the online teacher, how teaching online differs from teaching in a face to face environment, and how to be an effective, pedagogically sound educator given the challenges inherent in teaching online.

I have been looking forward to taking this course for some time. Each class in the program has been an adventure in learning, and I hope this continues. As an online student, I have been convinced of the efficacy of this relatively new method of instruction and see limitless possibilities for creating online courses and also using the online environment as a tool to improve face to face instruction.

About Paul Desmarais

The summer of 2009 finds me in Online Teaching for Adult Learners, three courses from graduation and starting to get antsy about it. Now that I've made the decision to pursue a career in Education Technology, (instructional design, to be more specific) I find I can't seem to make time move fast enough. I want everything to happen quickly, and to move on now! I think of myself more and more as someone who approaches things from a cross disciplinary vector.

I still think visually, and want to be creative in that way, but I am also interested in using research based, pedagogically sound approaches to teaching. I feel certain there must be a place for someone with my skills and experience in academé.

Course Work