Paul Desmarais EdTech 522: Online Teaching for Adult Learners

Facilitated Chat Topics

Group 1: Kim Bauman & Paul Desmarais

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Online learning tools


A video conferencing live chat tool designed to allow for synchronous, real time collaboration via the internet.

Second Life:

A virtual world where individuals upload into the simulation using an avatar, or graphic representation of themselves to interact with the community, and also with one another.

Voice Thread:

Multimedia aggregation tool that allows for voice. text, audio upload, and written doodles on the uploaded content while the subject is on the air. VoiceThread allows for video, still pictures, slideshows, and other multimedia formats to upload.


While blogs are touted as democratizing internet content, they also put an added emphasis of text/ written communication; as do most forms of computer mediated learning tools.

Single Focus point...


I think wikis are an interesting concept, but it takes an awful lot of trust to submit your work to public editing by other member, and potentially nonmembers, of a group. In EdTEch 504, I acted as the editor of the group book, and while for the most part, the other students received what of had to say well, some clearly did not. I myself would have a problem (an in the upcoming wiki portion of the exercise, will no doubt will have a problem with how someone edits my work.) It is the trust issue, therefore, that I see as wikis biggest drawback, as well as the relative anonymity of the editors.


I don't have a lot of experience in participating in Chat in an educational environment, or socially for that matter. Generally speaking, I've worked a very different schedule from most 'normal' people, so synchronous learning experiences have been difficult to coordinate. I find that most things I  can do with a chat feature can be done more efficiently with either a telephone call,  or email. With cell phones so ubiquitous these days, making that call or using a texting or email feature from a mobile phone is preferable to 'chat'.

Recorded tutorials:

I think recorded tutorials play an enormous role in online education; perhaps more than they should, but definitely a lot more than we talk about in class or in discussions.