Paul Desmarais EdTech 522: Online Teaching for Adult Learners

Course Comparison Chart

by Paul Desmarais

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Online Course Evaluation & Comparison: EdTech 522
I elected to create my own rubic form in InDesign, using the criteria suggested by EvaluTech @ http://www.evalutech. and from one of the sample evaluations.


Moodle Administrator

CHSC 400 - Public Health Concepts and Practice


Maximum 10 points per category

Maximum 10 points per category

Syllabus is available, well written, and comprehensible. No - 7/10 - Syllabus is presented as a “course guide” which is not, generally speaking, the same thing. Once identified,materials within the guide are fairly complete. Yes - 10/10 - Syllabus is well written, clear, and mostly complete.
Course content Comparable to similar traditionally delivered courses ? N/A - A comparable course was not available to examine for similarities. However, it must be noted that the entire purpose of the course is to function online; as the administrator of a Moodle course environment. Yes - 10/10 - Course is designed to take approximately the same time to complete readings and work assignments as a comparable course taught face to face.
Instructional goals, objectives, strategies, and assessment aligned with standards ? Yes - (limited) - 5-10 -Course describes itself as being based on social construuctivist models, but does not specify further. Not answered - 0/10 - The syllabus does not address alignment with standards.
Instructional goals and obectives clearly defined for students ? Yes- 10/10 - Course objectives plainly spelled out and aligned with instruction Yes - 10/10- Course objectives thoroughly discussed and clearly expressed.
Course promotes active learning by offering opportunities for peer to peer collaboration/ communication Yes - 9/10 - approximately 30% of coursework is collaborative in nature. Yes 10/10 - A number of the core exercises in the syllabus are delineated as ‘group’ exercises.
Course site is well presented, easy to read, and offers clear access to course materials Yes - 10/10 - Site is graphically identifiable as connected on all pages, and the organization is entirely compatible with Moodle. Yes - 10/10 - Course materials are all placed on one materials page, organized by module and topic.
Course lay out is logical, and graphically coherent, using standard colors, fonts, and styles Yes - 10/10 - Modules are well defined and clearly delineated from one anoher, resources are grouped to match and a similar structure is used for both. Yes (Limited Access) 9/10 Course pages accessible for this evaluation were coherent, clearn, and professional, if a little plain. Course Blckboard site not available for evaluation
Technology requirements for students clearly explained Yes - 10/10 - Software and hardware requirements spelled out, along with ‘best performance’ suggestiong made. Links to free downloads of required software offered within the section on this topic. No - 0/10 - Mentions of help for Blackboard LMS issues are made, but there appeared to be no specific explanation of technology requirements for the course other than “is presented in a completely online learning format”.
Instructor’s credentials available to students An instructor biuography with relevant details provided in course guide. Yes/ 7/10 - Credentials and CV offered for one instructor. Credentials in the form of title and curent position offered for the other.
Students offered an opportunity to give feedback on course. Yes -10/10 - Each module students are given an opportunity to offer feedback on the completed wok assignments. Yes - 8/10 - In the form of an evaluation questionaire in the final module
Provision is made for students with special needs No - 0/10 - No provisions for students with disabilities are offered explicitly or suggested. Yes provison made, but limited. 7/10
The course explains and offers procedures for private communication between instructor and students. Yes - 10/10 - Instructor offers one on one help with each module, and contact information for setting up private sessions is plainly made in course guide. Yes/ 9/10 - Instructor office hours and telephne, as well as email are presented in syllabus, but does not specifically offer private help.
Course materials presented in accessible formats Yes - 10/10 - All materials for the course are compatible within the parameters of the course guide’s requirements. Yes- 10/10 - Materials were either online html documents or in downloadable pdf format.
Course materials are current, reflecting due diligence in keeping students’ learning up to date. Yes - 10/10 - Most current version of Moodle was supplied for the course, and texts, reading, and other assignments. in the for of tutorials were fully up to date. Yes- 9/10 - A single broken link led students looking for the http://www. ended up with a page not found message.
Course assessments are appropriate to the materials, and for an online environment. Yes - 7/10 - Course assessments were apropriate for online environmnt, but difficultto understand and it was not clear exactly what was wrong when assigned work went awry. Yes: 10/10 Assessment instruments, appear appropriate and are thoroughly and fully explained.
Totals C (75%) 120/160 B- (81%) 129/160