Paul Desmarais EdTech 522: Online Teaching for Adult Learners

Creating a Storyboard for a Multimedia Project: A Video Tutorial

By Paul Desmarais

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Story Board Tutorial

In creating multimedia learning objects, planning is essential. An essential part of planning the project is story boarding.

Multimedia story boarding is essentially mapping out the project; whether it is a film, slide show, Pwoerpoint, or some other lesson in advance on paper so it is easier to assemble the pieces of the project accurately and effectively.

In this case, the tool being used to produce the lesson is left to the student, so the tutorial is less about technology and more about process. When creating a multimedia storyboard, the key is to remember the multi part of multimedia. What we are doing is taking the many pieces of the project; the audio, the video, still images, text, etc and putting them together in a coherent, pedagogically sound manner. The story board is the tool that facilitates that coherence.

In this tutorial, I will explain the elements of a multimedia project, what needs to be included on the story board, and how to combine the essential elements into a finished project.

The target audience for this tutorial is a student in the Boise State University Masters of Educational Technology program who is also a high school biiology teacher. The level of this student's technology competence is deemed high, so the technology tools are not mandated, as they would be for a less advanced student.