Adaptive/Assistive Technology

Adaptive/Assistive Technology Rational: Universities can justify buying assistive technologies that might be used for a small number of people means it would last longer. It would be a long term investment. However, evidence has been shown that individuals identify themselves as disabled. In Ontario, Canada for example, five percent, approximately 32,000 students identified themselves as disabled. Over the past 15 years, there has been six-fold increase in the number of students with disabilities on Ontario's campuses. 1 Nonetheless, it can be argued that the benefits of equal access far outweigh the costs involved. 2 Other ways for students to be given access to the technology is similar to what Wisconsin is trying to plan. Provide evaluation services to assist local educational agencies, cooperative educational service agencies, county children with disabilities education boards, private schools, and others. Rent or lease technological materials and assistive technology devices, as defined in s. 115.76 (1), Wis. Stats., to local educational agencies, cooperative educational service agencies, county children with disabilities education boards, and private schools. Facilitate the preparation of teachers of pupils who are hearing impaired by providing assistance to teacher preparation programs. 3 Therefore, if state and local government agencies as well as educational institutions share technologies and being accessed versus collecting dust in a corner somewhere.


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Hearing Impairments

Illuminating alarm

Light on the door or by the bell in a classroom to reach everyone versus just an alarm clock. It would be a subtle change in pace without knowing it is for a specific student population with a hearing disability.

Vibrating Watches

I would have to keep tabs if someone was borrowing it for alarms since they are a bit spendy but again for a student to fill in if I had a timing for essays and etc.

Vision Impairments


A machine that scans pages of text and feeds that information to the computer. A drawback about the machine is the information has to be on a sheet a paper versus books, which would be more common.

Thunder Screen Reader
  • Talking software speaks text letter by letter or word by word
   • Reads documents as well as Windows menus & dialogue boxes
   • Offers speech feedback for text-based programs
   • Includes access to the spell check function
   • Works with Excel, Calculator and Messenger also!

Page magnifier

Personal magnifier for texts.

Color mouse

Video magnification for small print for someone with a vision impairment. However, it would be good tool in the classroom to explore a primary sources.

Mobility Impairments


A switch and interface in one. Simply plug it into any USB port on your computer and press to simulate a left mouse click, while maintaining full access to your keyboard and mouse. Also features an external switch jack to accommodate any single switch.


A few different setups for individual's needs.


Buy a chair for my teacher's desk in the classroom and if one of my students needs it I could switch chairs for their needs.

Processing Disabilities

Captain's Log

Claiming to be the complele computerized mental gym. Individuals with ADHD/ADD, brain injuries, psychiatric disorders or learning disabilities can learn with Captain Log's. Fun, challenging, brain training exercises motivate your clients while stimulating the areas of the brain that are responsible for cognitive abilities - attention, impulse control, memory, conceptual reasoning, visual and auditory processing, and more.


Computer game includes neurofeedback with the capability of computerized cognitive training. The program improves cognitive skills working memory, hand-eye coordination, patience, and mental processing speed. I think it is really cool to have the capability to observe the neurological patterns.



Software has an attention coach, math and memory coach, and sound discrimination coach.


A program for students to have a voice to communicate. There are many voice personalities and languages.

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