Virtual Tour to the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Be prepared to enter the spiritual and breathtakingly beautiful world of the Sagrada Familia, one of the world's most famous churches. In Spanish it is known as the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. It is a large Roman Catholic chruch in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926).

Construction began in 1882 and when Gaudi died in 1926 less than a quarter of it had been built. It is still under construction today. Perhaps one day in your lifetime it will be finished and you'll be able to visit it and without the cranes and construction workers and perhaps this is what you will see...


Use the menu buttons above to navigate your way around on your trip. You don't have to start at the first point, it's your trip, you can go wherever you like. Just be sure to complete your tourist worksheet along the way and watch out for those pickpocketers. Barcelona is a beautiful but dangerous place and is reknowned for street theives.

Below are a selection of images of the location you are currently visiting. Just to help you get a better feel for the place.

View from the base of the Sagrada Familia visitors centre View over the City of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia cranes near centre left Light through stained glass windows inside Sagrada Familia Cranes dominate the Sagrada Familia Front entrance ot the Sagrada Familia Exquisite detail of bunches of fruit on the Sagrada Familia

Learner Description

This page is designed for a Middle School mathematics class to travel virtually to the Sagrada Familia in Spain and discover the geometry involved in it's architecture.
Once you've taken your virtual trip come back here to check your answers.

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