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This page is written for web site designers who are interested in preparing web sites that are accessible to people with disabilities.

What is Web Accessibility?

An accessible web site is one that a person with disabilities can still perceive, understand, navigate and interact with. There are certain design strategies to follow in order to make a web site accessible.

Many people have come to depend on the Internet and resources that it has to offer. However, almost 20% of Americans live with some kind of disability, many of which prevent them from using those same resources. Web accessibility seeks to make these resources available to people with disabilities.

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Color Tools

These tools provide the full color spectrum and allow you to visualize the best colors to use for your site.

Color Laboratory Use this site to test colors next to one another for contrast, and for how a person with colorblindness may view the colors.

Colorblind Web Page Filter Use the tools on this site to help in understanding how a person with colorblindness will view your site.

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Screen Readers

Screen readers provide audio help to people with visual disabilities. They read all of the page to the user, including the tags and markup language.

Fangs Firefox users can download the Fangs Screen Reader Emulator to help understand how a screen reader will see your site.

Jaws Screen reader software for Windows users.

Voice Over Screen reader capabilities for Macintosh users.

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Accessibility Guidelines and Assistance

Developing accessible web sites requires several steps, but the end result is worth it. Use these sites and guidelines to assess the accessibility of sites that you develop.

Cynthia Says Portal Check any web site for accessibility compliance.

Section 508 The standards that were developed in 1998 and define web accessibility.

WCAG The Web Accessibility Initiative from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These guidelines are newer, but similar to the Section 508 guidelines.

WebAIM Web Accessibility in Mind provides links to training, support, certification and evaluation tools.

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