This page is designed for students and families who want to travel back in time and visit the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Before you leave

Dust off your hat and boots and get ready to travel to the 1800s. Today we are going to visit the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas. You may have always heard about the Alamo and the infamous battle fought there, but there is a lot more to the Alamo. Did you know that it was established in 1718 as a Catholic mission? And that the building you see in photos is the church?

Take some time to investigate the Alamo before your trip. Click on the link in the navigation bar above to visit the official Alamo web site. On the home page, click Virtual Tour to view the map and the panoramic views provided.

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Use Google Maps to find your way to the Alamo. Search for Alamo Plaza San Antonio. Change Google Maps to Street View. Is the Alamo in the country? In the middle of a city?

How's the weather?

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Now you are ready to go to San Antonio! Check the weather on San Antonio News KSAT12 before you leave. You'll be spending a lot of time outside.

Next Stop - 1836

Now that you have arrived at the Alamo, use your mobile device to investigate everything you see and hear. Also, take several videos to share with your class or your family after your trip.

For starters, the men who died in the Battle of the Alamo ranged in age from 17 - 56. Go back to the official Alamo site to read the names of the men who fought for Texas' independence. (Home>History>The Defenders). Take a photo of three of the places that you find on the Alamo grounds where you find mention of any of these defenders. For example, one defender was sick and confined to his bed when he the Alamo was overtaken. Even so, legend has it, he took some enemy soldiers down before dying. Who was that, and where was he when he died?

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Search for Marty Robbins "Battle of the Alamo" on YouTube to see a little bit of Hollywood's perception of this historic event. Then search for the video "The Alamo Preserving History with Dorothy Black" to see the actual Alamo and hear about some of the restoration of the plaza you are visiting today.

Heroes of the Alamo

While there are many hero of the Alamo, several people stand out. You can find links to prominent men in the navigation bar above. Try to find these names as you stroll through the Alamo Plaza. Then visit the links above to compare the information online to the information at the Alamo. You may find some surprising history! For example, Sam Houston wasn't even at the Battle of the Alamo. Investigate - why his name is included in this mobile learning project.

We hope you enjoyed your trip to the 1800s. Y'all come back!