Teaching for Tomorrow - Quest for Integration

Most teachers will agree that we are in the business of preparing students for tomorrow. Ask any group of teachers to further define that goal or to define technology integration, though, and you'll get as many answers as you have teachers.

After completing this web quest, teachers will be able to clearly define and delineate what they believe to be the primary goal of education, as well as the school's primary goal. They will also be able to define technology integration. Even better, not only will they have answers to the "what" of integration, but also the "why, when, where, how, and for whom" questions. This exercise can be completed in a two-hour professional development course. It can also take much longer, depending on how much time you are willing to invest in the topic. Done correctly, teachers will leave this web quest with both concrete plans and ideas for the future to enhance the education of students in their classrooms.


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