About Germany

You are arriving to Germany. The German people are a proud population with a rich history, and they have played a major role in shaping Europe since the Roman Empire. Cast as the antagonist in the two major conflicts of the 20th century, Germany has become a founding member of the European Union, which is a loose federation of countries in Europe. A highly advanced culture of industry, tied to a large agricultural history, positions Germany as one of the largest economies in the world.

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About the Berlin Wall

While Germany’s size and importance in Europe make it an interesting place to visit, it is the aftermath of World War II and the building of the Berlin Wall that lead us to Germany for this virtual field trip.

For a detailed examination of the construction of the Berlin Wall, travel here.


Below is a link to an interactive map showing the course of the Berlin Wall as it oncestood.

Berlin Wall Map

Voices from the Berlin Wall

Two U.S. presidents made famous speeches outside of the Berlin Wall. President John F. Kennedy spoke two years after the wall was built and President Ronald Reagan made perhaps his most famous speech two years before the fall of the wall. The following audio file provides both of these speeches, as well as a little context for them.

John Goerzen (CC)

For a quick from-the-scene report of the fall of the Berlin Wall, take a listen to this BBC report from November 9, 1989.

Public Domain

Video Tour of the Berlin Wall

This first video is from the one-year anniversary of the building of the wall and presents the western (non-communist) view of the wall and what it meant.

Public Domain

This second video presents the scenes surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago this month.

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