About England

As you are entering England, it is important to know that this is just one of two stops within the United Kingdom. Part of this virtual tour will include a stop in Northern Ireland, as well, but let’s focus on jolly old England for now. At one time the world’s foremast military and cultural power, England has settled into a prominent, if diminished, role on the world stage. A political and economic force to be reckoned with, England also takes pride in its history and is a frequent tourist destination from around the globe.

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About Hadrian's Wall

Seen as part of Europe, while staunchly independent because it is not part of the continent, England has had its shares of invaders and conquerors throughout its history. One such conqueror was the Roman Empire, and that is where the story of Hadrian’s Wall begins.


The following map provides a detailed representation of where Hadrian’s Wall once existed, and in some areas continues to exist.

Map showing path and location of Hadrian's Wall
Wikimedia Commmons (GNU and CC)

Photo Tour of Hadrian's Wall

The BBC provides a thorough history of Hadrian’s Wall through a series of photo tours in their Hadrian’s Wall Gallery.

Video Tour of Hadrian's Wall

To experience one family’s modern-day journey along the Hadrian’s Wall walking path, take a look at the Youtube clip below.

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