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Officially part of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland, the area of Northern Ireland has a heated and contentious history. Settled by English and Scottish Protestants, the area making up Northern Ireland has long seen themselves more as British than as Irish Catholics. This led to a period of conflict between the Protestants and Catholics that lingers to today. Known as “The Troubles,” there have been periods of been decades of violence over who should rule in Northern Ireland, although these disagreements have mainly moved to the political realm instead of through armed conflict between battling factions.

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About the Belfast Peace Lines

Built throughout the last half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, the Belfast Peace Lines are a part of an effort by officials in Northern Ireland to curb some of the partisan violence that has plagued the Ulster region. Belfast, especially, as the largest city in Northern Ireland, has been the most affected by the violence. For more information about the Belfast Peace Lines, tour the following links.


Click here to view a detailed map of the different sections of the Belfast Peace Lines.

Video Tour of Hadrian's Wall

Watch the videos below to see what the walls look like today and how they are perceived by members of the communities of Belfast.

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