Getting Down to Business Webquest


Do you go to the grocery store? How about selling your video games at a store in exchange for money to by the latest and greatest new game? Have you ever seen kids out mowing the lawn for your neighbors? These are all examples of businesses. Pretty much everywhere you go to buy something or sell something, you have fond an example of a business. You probably know that, already. But what you may have never spent time thinking about is that many, many businesses do not make it. They do not make enough money to stay open.

In this WebQuest, you will be working with a group of classmates to look at how businesses work and what it takes to find the right business. You will learn about using your money carefully, how you find people to spend money at your business, and other important parts of the process. Of course, it takes more than just learning about opening a business to be successful. You have to know how much money you have to start your business, what kind of business you want to start, how to spend money wisely, and how to make other people believe in what you are doing!

For this WebQuest, here is what happened. Your favorite teacher recently won the lottery. Being the great teacher she (or he) is, she decided to share her money with her students. What better way to encourage students to think than by having them start businesses?! Well, that is just what she decided to do. She is giving each group of four students $500 to start a business. So, what business will your group start, how should you decide, and on what should you spend your $500? That is what you will find out and decide in this WebQuest.

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