Getting Down to Business Webquest

Guided Lesson Plan

On this page you will find an overview of the purpose, objectives, and learner description, along with the standards students will meet when they complete this WebQuest. This guided lesson plan will support teachers as they introduce students to the Getting Down to Business WebQuest activity.


The Getting Down to Business WebQuest is intended to support student learning in a variety of ways. First, the WebQuest encourages students to examine who they are and what they like to do, but in the context of applying skills and knowledge in a productive fashion. A second purpose for this WebQuest is to educate students on the ins and outs of running a basic business. Finally, the WebQuest transitions students from passive receivers of content into active producers of materials, an important skill heading into the 21st century world.


Building an understanding of how choices and activities they do now apply to their futures is an essential growth opportunity for students. At the same time, investigating businesses, profit, loss, marketing, and advertising helps students become critical evaluators of commercial enterprises and ad campaigns, something that will serve them well as they become active members of our capitalist society.

Learner Description

This WebQuest is appropriate for Ohio students in fourth or fifth grade beginning to study how entrepreneurs select a business, the concept of profit, and who consumers interact with businesses.


Students embarking on the Getting Down to Business WebQuest should demonstrate the following.

Instructional Objectives

Upon completion of this WebQuest, students will have the ability to:

Standards Addressed

The focus of this WebQuest is on addressing Ohio Academic Content Standards in the area of Social Studies. Specifically, the standards targeted by the activity cover economics indicators in fourth and fifth grade. See pages 73 and 74 of the Social Studies Academic Content Standards document available through the Ohio Department of Education Web site.

Grade Four
3. Explain how entrepreneurs organize productive resources to produce goods and services and that they seek to make profits by taking risks.

Grade Five
2. Explain that individuals in all economies must answer the fundamental economic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce.
5. Explain the general relationship between supply, demand and price in a competitive market.

Subject Matter Description

You will find the following sections in the WebQuest for students to refer to when completing the activity.


The product of this WebQuest for students includes a basic written business plan in the form of a Business Starter worksheet and the development of a sample advertisement or promotion for their chosen product. Student work will be assessed on several measures, including individual contributions to the group, overall business plan development, and their ability to share a convincing marketing and promotion strategy.