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Introduction: It is time to wrap up the unit on simple machines! In this quick lesson, you will introduce students to the idea that machines are generally just made of a collection of simple machines, known as complex machines. There is also an opportunity to provide a post test to students, measuring their progress in the unit in mastering the concepts around simple machines.
Curriculum Subject and Topic: Science—Simple Machines
Estimated Duration: 20–90 minutes, depending on how many videos you decide to show to students.
Grade Level: 3

Curriculum Goals: Ohio Academic Content Standards

Lesson Objectives: Students will


Closing the Unit

Activity 1
A major learning from the simple machines unit actually relates to complex machines. When we look at complex machines, we can really identify many simple machines. I this activity, you will provide students with different complex machines and have them attempt to identify the different simple machines found in each. Have available as many of the following items as you can.

Separate students into groups, one group for each item you were able to find. Have students rotate from object to obejct and direct them to label each of the simple machines they say in each object. All students three to five minutes with each object. When complete, talk about the simple machines found in each complex machine.

Activity 2
As a fun wrap-up activity, let the student groups go to the computer lab or in your classroom allow them to play a game from PBS exploring complex machines. Check out this Web site.

Assessment and Evaluation

If you would like to test and see how students have grown in their knowledge of simple machines, you might choose to give them the post test found on the Edheads Web site for simple machines. This one, available free from Edheads, is a great option. Click here to access the post test.

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