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Introduction: In this introductory lesson, students are introduced to the unit of instruction. You will complete a quick activity showing how a chair with wheels makes moving around an object easier. You will also have an opportunity to share with students several different videos about simple machines, as well as work and force; key topics in understanding simple machines.
Curriculum Subject and Topic: Science—Simple Machines
Estimated Duration: 20–90 minutes, depending on how many videos you decide to show to students.
Grade Level: 3

Curriculum Goals: Ohio Academic Content Standards

Lesson Objectives: Students will


Introducing the Unit

To prepare students for working through the unit of simple machines, have available a regular chair and a chair with wheels. Call each student to the front of the classroom and try to push you while sitting in the regular chair. Then have students push you in the chair with wheels. Talk to students about how the chair with wheels was easier to push. Why? The wheels on the chair are a “machine” that helped the students push you compared to the regular chair. Tell students that simple machines help make work easier. Students will learn about each of the simple machines and how they help make work easier. Have students watch a video about simple machines, such as this video from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Another option for introducing the unit is to watch the videos for each machine built into the Glog below. You can also provide the link to the Glog to your students to review at home on their own to prepare for the unit or for each lesson. You may want to return to these videos to start each lesson during the unit.

Glog Link


You can navigate to the individual lessons for work, force, and all six simple machines using the links at the top and bottom of the page, as well as in this graphic.

Lesson Map Lesson 1 LinkLesson 6 LinkLesson 5 LinkLesson 7 LinkLesson 4 LinkLesson 3 LinkLesson 2 Link Lesson 7 Link

Assessment and Evaluation

If you would like to test and see where you students are in their knowledge of simple machines, you might choose to give them a simple pretest. This one, available free from Edheads, is a great option. Click here to access the pretest.

Unit Resources

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