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Thematic Unit: Production

For this theme, students will be investigating the big idea of Production, specifically in the topic area of Economics. Among other things, students will be learning how production has evolved over time, how resource allocation plays a role in what is produced, what role production has had in globalization, and how supply and demand in markets dictate what is produced. There are a total of five lessons in the unit, and they can be accessed through the tabs at the top of the page.

Technology Integration Planning Checklist

Anticipated Age Level

This thematic unit is intended for grades six students (ages 11-12)

Essential Questions

  1. What is production?
  2. What role do buyers and sellers (producers and consumers) play in production? How do supply and demand dictate what is produced?
  3. How has production changed over time?
  4. What role do resources (land, natural resources, capital, human labor, management) play in what is produced?
  5. How has production of goods and services accelerated the pace of globalization?

Ohio Academic Standards

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

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